your costs

Transport is one of the single largest supply chain costs for businesses in Australia.

If you’re moving a lot of product over long distances, have a specific import-export freight task or specialise in bulk products, rail provides natural scale and mass management advantages that can significantly reduce your overall cost base. That’s better for your bottom line and better for your business.

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Delivering your freight
when you need it

Interstate rail reliability has improved dramatically over recent years, delivering consistent, high freight availability and making sure your freight is there when you need it.

This has led some of the biggest brands in Australia to return to rail and includes major grocery and supermarket chains, manufacturers and retailers.

ARTC has invested more than $6 billion into improving freight rail infrastructure across the country, driving this reliability improvement. This has included:

Did you know?

The 36km Southern Sydney Freight Line means rail freight services can enter and exit Port Botany on a 24/7 basis on a dedicated rail freight line through the south-west of Sydney to the Port. No passenger train interruptions, no curfews, no long lines of trucks and road congestion.

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Making Australia's
Roads Safer

If your business is truly serious about improving its safety record, finding zero harm and enhancing its chain of responsibility performance, then rail needs to be integrated into your supply chain.

Over longer distances moving your freight by rail is not only cost efficient, but provides the peace of mind that comes with being the safest form of land transport to move goods.

By not shifting more of our freight task on to rail movements, the alternative is unsustainable – a massive increase in the number and size of road freight which will only cause further damage, congestion and heartache on our roads.

If you’re solely relying on road transport, consider how you can achieve balance in your supply chain and help make our roads safer by using rail.

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Enhancing your
sustainability story

If your business is seeking to improve its corporate sustainability credentials then you should be including rail in your supply chain.

The logistics and transport components of your business are large contributors to your company’s overall fuel use, electricity use and carbon emissions – it’s not only environmentally sensible but financially smart to use a mode that reduces this output. By choosing rail for your freight needs you can reduce your transport carbon emissions and improve your business’ sustainability story.

Rail is the best performing land transport mode for large volumes of freight; it is three times more fuel efficient and produces three times less carbon than road.

Put another way, just one freight train replacing over 100 B Double trucks, carrying freight between Melbourne and Brisbane, reduces carbon emissions by the same amount as an average household family going without electricity for more than 40 years.

A shift to rail will also ease road congestion, reduce wear and tear on our roads and improve fuel security.

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